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1. Dues

  • 2023 Dues- $285. 

  • Uniforms will not be ordered until deposit is paid

  • Players who have not paid or set up a payment program by the 1st game become ineligible immediately

  • Players who set up payment plans become ineligible once the miss a payment

  • Free agents must pay a deposit of $50 before being added to a team


2. Game Time

  • Games must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time.

  • If one or both teams are not ready to begin the game within the allotted time then the game is recorded as a forfeit for the team(s) that is not ready.

  • Teams may start the game with 6 players

    1. - Home team must play the field with who they have

    2. -Away team must bat with who they have. Once a place in the line up comes up with out a batter it will be an out, i.e a team has 7 players. Once the 8th spot in the batting order come up it will be an out 

  • If both teams are not ready, they will both be charged a forfeit unless they make up the game at an outside time of their choosing. Teams would be responsible for ref fees if this occurs


3. Forfeit

  • A forfeit is scored as a 9-0 game.


4. Time Limit

  • All games will have a 3 hours time limit. Teams will agree on the start time with the umpire before the game

  • In a game that is still being played fifteen (15) minutes prior to the subsequent game’s start time, if the away team is at-bat, the current inning becomes the final inning.

  • In a game that is still being played fifteen (15) minutes prior to the subsequent game’s start time, if the home team is at-bat, the subsequent inning becomes the final inning.

  • Games are afforded a 15-minute grace period. Games that start within those 15 minutes will still receive the full 3 hours.

  • If there have not been six (6) completed innings in the game within the time window, the game will be resumed at a later date in order to make the game official.

  • IF a game is tied after 3 hours the game will be resumed the next time the teams meet

    1. IF the teams don’t play again then it will be resumed on a mutually agreed upon time


5. Uniform

  • Players must wear their team jersey in order to play in a game.

  • Baseball pants are required

  • A baseball hat is required during play for all positions except catcher.


6. Helmet

  • All batters and baserunners must wear an appropriate helmet during live play.


7. Equipment

  • All equipment that is intentionally broken by a player (who is not the owner of said equipment) or unintentionally broken through misuse will result in a fine equaling the cost of the equipment in question, to be paid to the equipment’s owner.

  • This rule applies to both the league’s and the personal equipment of others.

  • The player who broke the equipment must pay the fine before playing in their next game.

  • Any extra equipment must be supplied by captains or teams.

  • Borrowing equipment from other teams is permissible at their discretion.


8. Legal Bats

  • This is a wood bat league.

  • Corked bats are strictly illegal.

  • Any player caught using an illegal bat will be warned one time on the season. A second infraction will result in an automatic out. Any subsequent infraction will result in an automatic out and ejection from the game.

  • If more than one player on a team is caught using an illegal bat in the same game, regardless of whether that player has been previously caught and warned, it will result in an automatic out.

  • Umpires may inspect equipment at any point they feel necessary and may do so at the behest of any captain or league official.


9. Scorekeeping

  • Captains are expected to keep score or delegate this responsibility. Any argument that occurs regarding the game score or number of outs in an inning will be won by the team keeping score if the other is not, unless an official scorekeeper is present or the decision is overruled by the umpire.

  • The league is currently working on having a consistent scorekeeping system in place for every game so that stats can be tracked.


10. Ground Rules

  • Ground Rules must be discussed between the umpires and captains before the start of every game.

  • Disputes over ground rules are to be decided, in advance, by the home team with all parties being made aware of their decision.

  • Tarken Ground Rules

    • Out of play line is the light poles on each side of the fence

    • Balls that hit the trees hanging over the left field fence above the fence line are considered a home run.

    • Balls that hit below the tree line are a ground rule double.


11. Fighting

  • Any physical fight will result in an ejection for all players deemed to be engaged in the fight or seen to be provoking or escalating the fight.

  • Any verbal argument between two players, an umpire, or a fan can result in an ejection if the umpire feels the argument is delaying the game after a warning has been given.

  • Players who fight are subject to suspension at the Commissioner’s discretion.


12. Batting Order

  • Managers and Umpires must go over the batting order before the start of the game.

  • Nine players – 9 man lineup required.

  • Ten players – 10 man lineup required.

  • Eleven Players – 11 man lineup required

  • 12+ Players- No more than 12 slots are allowed in the line up

  • Twelve Players – Bat all 12 OR have an 11 slot lineup. 11th slot is occupied by two players who receive alternating at-bats (e.g. 11A & 11B). This slot can be placed anywhere in the lineup.

  • Thirteen Players – 11 slot lineup. 10th and 11th slots are each occupied by two players who receive alternating at-bats (e.g. 10A & 10B, 11A & 11B). These two slots can be placed anywhere in the lineup.

  • Fourteen Players – 11 slot lineup. 10th and 11th slots are each occupied by two players who receive alternating at-bats (e.g. 10A & 10B, 11A & 11B). These two slots can be placed anywhere in the lineup. The 14th player must be used as a pinch hitter at any non-alternating slot in the lineup at some point in the game. The player who they replace cannot bat for the remainder of the game.

  • Teams cannot have more than 4 players alternating at-bats

  • Teams have the option to bat all players that show up.


13. Minimum Defensive Innings

  • It is the managers’ responsibility to see to it that every available player (present, willing, & able bodied) must be allowed to play a minimum of two (2) defensive innings in the field. Players who do not receive this minimum are eligible for immediate release from the team. They will be free to join another team as a free agent or can receive a refund for the remaining games of the season.


14. Minimum At-Bats

  • It is the managers’ responsibility to see to it that every available player (present, willing, & able bodied) must be allowed to receive at least one (1) at-bat in every game. Players who do not receive this minimum are eligible for immediate release from the team. They will be free to join another team as a free agent or can receive a refund for the remaining games of the season.


15. Maximum Innings Pitched

  • There is no innings limit for a pitcher

16. Fielding a Team Under the Minimum Nine

  • While not common, a team may play their game with eight (8) players. The missing ninth player’s spot in the batting order may be placed anywhere in the lineup but must be determined before the start of the game and communicated to the opposing team and the umpire.

  • The missing ninth player will be an automatic until a player arrives to take the spot.


17. Defensive Fill-Ins

  • The opposing team may elect to provide a player to fill in on defense. This player must be the player in the lineup previous to the batter set to lead off the inning.

  • If the defensive fill-in player’s spot in the batting order approaches and he is on deck, he will be replaced by the last batted out.


18. Players Over the Minimum Nine

  • Any player over the minimum nine (9) in the batting order that arrives to a game after the lineup has been presented to the umpire must be placed last in the batting order.

  • Any player over the minimum nine (9) in the batting order will not be an automatic out in the event they arrive late or leave early.


19. Substitutions

  • Players may leave the defensive field of play and return as many times as necessary or desired by team managers.

  • Exception to this rule is the pitcher.

  • Once a pitcher takes and the exits the mound, they may not return to pitch for remainder of game but can play any other position in the field.


20. Pinch Runner

  • In the event of an injury, a pinch runner may be used, but only in the event of an injury or;

  • A pinch runner may be used in the place of a catcher.

  • The pinch runner in both situations must be the previous player in the batting order that is not already on base.


21. Fill-In Players

  • Fill-in players may only be used if a team cannot field ten (10) from their own roster. Fill ins are only allowed to make a line up 10 players. 

  • Only 3 fill ins are allowed per team.

  • If there are 9 players from a team are present those 9 must begin and end the game. The 10th can be used as a fill in as needed

  • Fill ins must first come from the non-captain pool, then captains, then outside players

  • Fill ins can't pitch or catch, unless the teams regular catcher is not there or injured. 

  • Fill ins are not allowed to play in the playoffs


22. Leads & Steals

  • Baserunners may take leads and steal.


23. Balks

  • A balk may be called by the plate or field umpire.


24. Spiking Defensive Player

  • Spiking a defensive player is not allowed.

  • Spiking will result in an immediate ejection and an out.


25. Slide or Surrender

  • If a player is running home and a play at the plate occurs than the runner must slide or surrender.

  • A charge will result in an immediate ejection and an out.


26. Hit by Pitch

  • If a pitcher hits four (4) batters in one game he will be ejected from pitching for the rest of the game (he will still be eligible to play at any other position).

  • If the umpire feels the pitcher intentionally throws at any player, regardless of number of incidents allowed in previous section of rule, they will be ejected immediately.


27. Excessive Run Differential (Mercy Rule)

  • If, after seven (7) innings, one team is losing by twelve (12) runs or greater, the game will be called.

  • If the home team is the losing team they will be allowed to play the bottom half of the final frame.

  • If the losing teams scores and brings the differential to under twelve (12), the game will continue.

  • The mercy rule for six (6) innings is fifteen (15).

  • For 7 inning games

    • Seventeen (17) runs after five (5) innings.​

    • Fifteen (15) runs after six (6) innings. 


28. Trades

  • All trades must be submitted to & approved by the office of the P.A.B. Commissioner before becoming valid.

  • Pre-season trades must be submitted prior to draft day

  • The trade deadline is June 22md 2019. If a trade is to be completed during the season, all players involved in the trade must agree to the trade.

  • Captains and the moving players are responsible for the cost of replacing / updating jerseys.

  • When draft picks are trading, the team receiving the higher pick must send a pick back to insure teams have 14 players

  • If a team trades a pick then disbands before the next season, that pick will be honored at the end of the round

  • Final trades should be sent to

29. Adding Players to Roster

  • Rosters are limited to 20 players.

  • All players must be registered, paid their deposit and league notified. Players are not officially on rosters until all three conditions have been met.

  • Players are not allowed to be added after week 10 of the regular season has been completed. Special instances where this is waived is if a player on the roster quits or is injured for the season. Once replaced that player isn't allowed to return. 

29. Playoff Eligibility

  • Players must play in 50% of games that remain at the time they are officially added to the roster, see above for guidelines on adding player

  • Player must have dues paid in full.


30. New teams

  • Teams that are not passed down from captains to players on their current roster will be disbanded. All players from that team will be added to the “non-returning keeper pool”

  • New teams will start with 6 players.

    • 2 players from outside of the league, these players must be players that the captains bring, not players that the captains meet at tryouts. 

    • 2 players from the non keeper returning player pool, selected through a waiver order

    • The remaining 2 spots can be filled in with non-keepers or from outside the league.

    • If there are not 2 players that the team wants to bring in the team will get an extra supplemental draft pick

  • Draft order- The the new teams will be put in the lottery with the non playoff teams to determine the draft order

  • Waiver order- The waiver order will be the opposite of the draft order.

31. Free Agency

  • Both players and managers have the freedom to decide to part ways with each other. Both parties must agree that the player will go into free agency. This must be declared before March of the new season.

  • Free agents have the option to join or be picked up by a team of their choice.

32. Draft

  • Players are selected through a live draft

  • All players who wish to be drafted HAVE to attend a spring training event

  • The supplemental round of the draft occurs in between the 1st and 2nd round


33. Ejections

  • Ejections could result in a suspension and $50 fine. Each instance will be evaluated at the time


34. Stat Keeping

  • All teams must keep the book. 

  • Players on teams who do not keep the book will not be eligible for post season awards

  • Prior to the game umpires must record the start time

  • After the game must sign off on the final score


35. Grounds Keeping

  • The home team is responsible for putting the field back together after the game. This includes raking dirt back into any holes, tamping the mound and around the plate, and dragging the field

  • The last game of the day is to put the tarps on the mound and batter’s box

  • Each team will be assigned to do field prep one Saturday of the year

  • Any violations of the above will result in a team fine, and possible forfeiture of games if the fine is not paid


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